California Guided Diving

Custom Dates
Anywhere in California
Starting at $375/day

Are you interested in exploring California diving – anywhere in California – but are unsure of the logistics, or simply want a helping hand? Let us guide you!

Pricing Structure:

  • Base cost: $375/day for up to three people and covers your guide’s pay and expenses.
  • Additional costs may include travel reimbursement for guides (at the standard IRS mileage rate), boat fees, permit and reservation fees, and equipment rental fees.
  • Private guiding clients receive 50% rentals during the duration of their experience.

Our trusted network of dive guides and instructors is scattered through the state of California and collectively represents thousands and thousands of dives of experience. If it’s a dive site in California, we can guide you and give you the best experience possible!

When you sign up for guiding with us, we’ll give you a detailed quote for your experience and build a custom itinerary that meets your exact needs. Please note that custom guiding does not include travel arrangements but we handle all your scuba related logistics start to finish. We charge a base fee for up to three people and then evaluate additional expenses on a case by case basis.

The specific experience you’re looking for is up to you: from coaching and skill refinement, continuing education, exploring a cool new remote site, to just being your teammate underwater, we can make it happen!

Reach out to us and get your journey started!


Note: diving limited to commonly accepted recreational limits.