Project, Class, & Logistical Support

Custom Rates & Packages
Free Visiting Class Logistics & Support

We are here to support your every need and we have the custom designed shop just for it! Just reach out, let us know what you need and we’ll make it happen, whether it’s visiting travel, courses, or professional diving.

Pricing Structure:

  • Fully custom support packages – contact us with your request for more detail!
  • Free class and visiting group logistics and support – volume discounts on rentals

Our dive shop was built to support educational excellence, a great retail sales experience, and in large part world class support for diving projects, expeditions, underwater professional projects, scientific support, and large or complex courses.

We can accommodate almost any support need with equipment or staff. Our team of divers has years of collective experience supporting aquatic projects including but not limited to the Mars Exploration project, the WKPP, underwater consulting work for the LADWP, marine debris and object search and recovery for major Southern California companies, film work for major studios, and extensive multi-faceted field deployments of scientific equipment throughout the west coast and beyond. If your project involves underwater work or exploration, contact us! We’ll discuss the best approach to your needs, prepare quotes and send you relevant resumes of our experience and qualifications.

Thinking about bringing a large class or group to Southern California’s amazing waters? We provide free logistical support here at the shop to help make you and/or your student’s experience smoother. Especially when considering the gas and equipment needs of visiting technical diving groups and courses, having a shop stand behind you can make or break the experience! With enough head’s up, we’ll make sure the banks are extra full with the gas you need, all the rentals are lined up, stay late to fill tanks, and for a small fee, deliver everything to your boat – so you don’t have to worry about it and can get a good night’s sleep instead of waiting on tanks to cool off. Depending on your group size, we can provide volume discounts on rentals and fills as well. That’s our service to you, the diving and instructional community!

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