Spectre Dive Boat Day

Friday February 18 – 6am

Join a Zen team ambassador for a day of diving Santa Cruz or Anacapa Island aboard The Spectre! All levels of certified divers are welcome, and we’ll make sure you have a dive buddy if you show up alone!

Your ambassador for this trip is:

Sean Canullas

If you’d like rentals or a licensed dive guide for this event, please call us in advance and we can arrange guiding or bring rentals directly to the site for you!

Please bring your own refillable water bottle and/or coffee mug. Breakfast, lunch, post dive snacks, and dessert will be provided on board. Vegetarian options are available, please let the crew know as soon as possible upon arrival of any dietary restrictions.

The Spectre is able to fill air to 3400psi before the dive day and between dives. Nitrox or other breathing gases are not available on board. Seating arrangements accommodate single or double cylinders, and soft sided bags are recommended to fit under each individual seat. Please contact the shop if you’d like to bring extra gear aboard.

Finally, the boat has a hot tub on board. It’s brand new and renovated as of January 2022 – bring a swimsuit for a post dive soak and warm-up! No neoprene in the hot tub please.

Ventura Harbor Village
1591 Spinnaker Drive Dock D
Ventura, CA 93001